Sleepover Party Review

January 25, 2010 12:53 pm by: Guys Go Crazy4 comments!

Hugh Hefner would be proud to see Tommy Rogers in silk pajamas. Hugh would be equally proud to know that they would soon be coming off.

There was no sleeping and after repeated viewings from every angle, I have yet to find a skateboard. But hey, it was another fun loving history making GGC party.

“Romantic” is not a term that would immediately come to mind when describing down and dirty GGC parties. (The first romantic gathering was the candlelit After Dark party and Alex Merritt, awkwardly, tells Keith in their interview on the blog that GGC parties are filled with romance.)

Well, who would think that a sk8r sleepover party would warrant that description? It’s one of the many things that makes GGC so interesting.

Always wild power bottom Tommy Rogers and super active top Thomas Lee open the sleepover intertwined romantically. Nicholas Shay is over them with his POV cam as they kiss, slowly undress and fondle.

The underwear worn by Thomas Lee, Thomas Friedl and the cute guy in the brown trunks was awarded following this party. (type “bananas” into the search engine to the right and you’ll learn all about it.)

This party will be known for the earliest two cumshots. Try and find a party where two guys cum in segment one. Thomas Lee blows his load and the big armed small dicked (but cute) guy (he was a star at the Spring Break ’07 party) drops his load onto Tommy R. Speaking of cumshots, this party has to be known for the quickest cumshot. Notice that Rune Gartner arrives on the scene wearing orange shorts. After getting a little head and sucking on Matt Dominic he quickly blasts one of his very impressive, splattering high flying loads across Thomas F. and the gathering of hunks on the bed. Rune began at the Masquerade party demonstrating his early and repeated cumshots. He’s always up again in about two minutes. Rune also has to be the most impressively versatile party goer. He is as voracious a bottom as he is a top.

At this early point too, Felix LeCroix takes a six guy bukkake load. Per usual, Chris Cool stands out with his typically rich and powerful load. Felix, still jock clad and with a totally glazed face, delivers an impressive blast himself.

The party has to also be a record breaker for the number of guys on the bed. Speaking of records, I don’t know how many cold showers it will take me to get through this review.

Other noticeable high points include a cam guy, in English, saying in seg four that “every shot is taken on the bed. We need others.” Other English was a real turn on when Franco is plowing Rune missionary style and Rune says (with his Danish accent,) “like that? yeah, give me some dick.” A real power fuck pairing, Rune and Franco seal it with a nice kiss.

Seg two begins with Felix LeCroix’ jock clad ass preparing for its major workout. Pajama clad Daniel Student does the honors with the opening fuck and some fun spanking and jock snapping (hope to see more jock strap fucking at future parties.)

Felix getting gang banged (which he obviously loves) is a continuing theme. Underscoring GGC’s commitment to safety Felix after getting fucked pulls the condom off of his partner before sucking. Felix vocalizes his enjoyment really well here. Next up Chris Cool does a nice (albeit brief) job as he takes his turn on Felix.

Matt Dominic is another real standout in his striped shirt. He looked so cute with his eyes closed next to our hairy assed friend.

Seg three opens with a three-way including cute hairy assed guy, Franco and Denis. Keeping all of those shorts on to frame dicks and asses is always a welcome touch. On the scene arrives a tall flabby guy whom I have not seen since the Fleshdance party when he got to fuck Brad Marcus (yes, Brad’s only bottoming performance and it was at the very first party.)

Franco has his way with jock clad Felix. It was particularly cute to see Felix, grasping his tail as he runs away from always aggressive Franco. Rune does a nice group of toppings including camera carrying Nicholas, whose low hanging balls are showcased beautifully at this party. Rune then gets a kewl header from Matt D. while rimming Franco. Something else unique is that faces (including Keith’s) occasionally peek through the brilliant blue and green curtains obviously wanting to catch some of the action.

As the finale opens curly haired beauty Chad Driver takes it from Rune to the tune of “Let’s Hear it for the Boy.” Another vintage power plow ensues as Franco hits Mike Gate. Then the order comes for EVERYBODY to pile onto the bed. Talk about a fleshfest!!! Most notable is a Jose Fernando/Franco Gregorio double fuck of the dark haired vet whose name I still don’t know. Of course Franco’s stand up/screaming cumshot elicits an enthusiastic response from the gang.

Well, another GGC soiree is in the history books. Now, I’m so wound up that a Rune/Daniel/Chris/Franco type splash is imminent. Til the next party it’s Jamie Tando your exclusive GGC party reviewer saying have fun, stay safe and keep loving. Don’t forget that GGC RULES!!!

Happy New Year 2010!

January 5, 2010 12:18 pm by: Guys Go Crazy2 comments!

Well guys, it’s hard to believe that next month begins the fifth year of the action packed, thrill-a-second non-stop excitement of Guys Go Crazy. Members of the GGC family now have over fifty spectacular parties to join in at any time. You can get them from every angle imaginable. We want this blog to share behind the scenes gossip, interviews with the stars and recommendations from you.
I’ll continue to provide detailed reviews of as many parties as possible. Your requests are more than welcome. Place them here on the blog!! Happy New Year and don’t forget that GGC RULES!!!

Boy Band Review

November 25, 2009 10:48 am by: Guys Go Crazy16 comments!

Like every party, there is a unique distinction to the Boy Band Brawl. This is of course our introduction to Will Nemeth. It is also what I call the third wave. Most parties just have two waves of guys but this one has a third wave of hot guys arriving on the scene for action. It also has to be labeled the caveman party. Can’t explain it but Leo Cooper throughout the entire party proudly flips the bird and from his painted face emanates grunts like you’ve never heard, certainly not from him.

One might think that The Jonas Brothers or Justin Timberlake would be playing in the background but no it’s the Doors and the Rolling Stones.

Will, as Travis explained, starts out as a cute shy reception desk clerk doning Keith Pearson’s pink necktie and black shirt but with Travis’ kind words and looks of encouragement he enthusiastically takes the plunge. His first on camera experience has him sucking up to Leo Cooper and then Denis Reed as Franco Gegorio and Thomas Friedl take over behind the desk performing somewhat unusual desk clerk duties. The Doors’ Light My Fire plays away as adorable Will plays away with Franco’s massive schlong.
While Will does take off Keith’s black shirt, from start to wet finish he NEVER loses his pink necktie. Thomas Friedl has a multi sunglasses look on his head which shows him up as the hot dog we GGC family members all know him to be.

Denis is back sporting his black netted top that he made famous at the Vampire Fuckfest party. Nicholas Shay services him quite well. All of the body paint and grunting bravado aside, Leo has filled out and really beefed up. He continues to be easy on the eyes.
Wave two arrives with the likes of Jose Fernando (face painted a la Leo,) Chris Cool, Tom Smith (his tan looking as good as ever,) Daniel Student, Alex Grant, Milo (stuck to Chris Cool of course,) Ricci Silverado, Thomas Lee (with a shorter than unsual haircut) and friends. They are all kinda stunned at Leo’s boisterous behavior.

Ricci and Denis lunge towards the bed and the party transitions to a make shift hotel room. Fake phone calls and other antics add to the fun. Will tackles Tom Smith like a champ.

Our hairy assed friend performs nicely as he chows down on Daniel Student. Milo, wearing his Boyholes shirt that Keith made for him, has Chris sucking on his nice hard dick.

Nicholas Shay is the first to bottom (doggy style across the riser and then missionary and back to doggy) for fuck machine Franco. An older guy takes it up his big white pimpled butt from Thomas Friedl and then, it seems, from everyone else as well.

Will, in his first foray, continues to have the time of his life as he pounds his pud.
The first load splattering comes as Denis sprays Will’s chest and Will responds in kind. Then a typically creamy load goes up onto Milo’s face and chest from, you guessed it, Chris Cool. Ricci Silverado takes his very excited turn unloading onto Will.
Well, wave three begins with Mike “the pretzel” Gate (who shows his hole like never before,) Felix Le Croix, Tommy Rogers, Matt Dominic, Adam Hanks, my fave Chad Driver and friends arriving for a pool party across the hotel room. It was cute to see them all come in and casually disrobe while the other guys were already fucking and sucking away. Everybody then soaps up and mixes it up. Denis has a particularly nice fast fuck for Mike G. Chad takes it from a couple of guys on the edge of the pool. Side by side Felix and Tommy take it like the pros that they are from Jose Fernando and Thomas Lee, respectively. A really cute guy wearing puka shells and aviator glasses sure adds to the party fun. Something we’ve never seen before — as Milo is sucking on Chris Cool he gets finger fucked by Ricci.

Clad in a headband Adam Hanks does a respectable job bottoming for Franco as Will has moved, still in necktie to the pool. Across the room, Mike G. gleefully bounces on Thomas Lee’s wood. Nicholas has by this time, unbelievably, received Franco from every angle and at every venue

Matt Dominic sucks on a thrilled Felix in the pool while Leo continues to grunt, groan and fuck, all at full voume.

Adam Hanks has the honor of taking Chris Cool up his caboose as a short haired Alex Grant turns the bed into a trampoline with his hard on bouncing almost as high as he does.

Denis fucks Adam Hanks with his dick at the same time he’s fucking Felix with two fingers. A faux, but fun, daisy chain takes place in the pool with poor Will (yeah sure) underneath it all. Leo convulses to make it all really funny.

Well, it’s about time for some explosions so Thomas L. gleefully leads the way. Then we have a kewl bukkake with Felix and the older white guy under Ricci, Daniel, Tom Smith, Mike G., Jose F. and, of course Franco. Franco gets Daniel’s pat on the back after he stands up for a nice load dropping on Felix. Daniel then shoots a massive load (right at the camera but it missed, unfortunately.) Jose and Thomas F. deposit theirs onto Felix and there you have it. Music was so so (expected better from a Boy Band party) and lighting could have been better but all in all it was another fun foray into the world of GGC and it’s why GGC RULES!!

Garden Party Review

10:45 am by: Guys Go Crazyno comments

For the first time ever, it’s not just the guys who are rakes at a GGC party. The Garden party includes garden gloves, trowels and yes, rakes, including one that should give Tommy Rogers a green thumb after the thumping he gets with it..

Just when you think that things can’t get any crazier, what happens? — GuysGoCrazy delivers a stunning blow — getting even crazier with a Guiness Book of World Record’s candidate for the longest line of back to back buttfucking imaginable. Stay tuned. It has to be seen to be believed.

The party lures you in looking a little cheesy with birds loudly chirping in the background and more of a floral shop(with fake flowers) look than an actual garden.

One naturally thinks of the Biblical Garden of Eden but I refuse to repeat the proverbial Adam and Steve line(sorry, I just did.) But, this turns into a party that would have really impressed even Adam and Eve.

The moment I spot Denis Reed’s tail being framed by that apron I recalled the cute and memorable October ’96 Playgirl magazine spread with Tim Pearson(who went into the porn world as Tony Piagi) brilliantly wearing an apron using the exact same technique. Of course, because it’s a GGC party we get loads of apron ass framing guys. It’s been great to see(whether intentional or not) recent attention focussed on clothing used to frame the ass shots.

Other notables include: Thomas Friedl letting his newly bleach blond hair grow out a little and Tommy R.(wish he’d grow his cute mullet back) with an unusually big hard on. Also, as Travis and I observed before, devilish Robert Driveman does not look his best at this party. Looks like he’s been partying a little TOO hard.

It was a thrill for me to see my dark haired, nicely tanned diamond ear studded stud crush back after the Construction Workout(see review.) He is sooo HAWT!! We have to schedule an interview.

One fun moment in segment 2 comes when one of the camera guys in English says: “go go go go go, let’s go crazy guys!!” (I sure wish that there were more English spoken at the parties I’ve seen so many of these guys speak English in Eurocreme projects.)

Seg 3 increases the size of the party as Franco Gregorio, Lutz Benesz, Robby Singleton, Rod Wethers, Mike Shawn, Alex Grant(clad in his famous black striped shirt) and head shaved(ugh!)Gery Owan(sporting his oft seen nice red plaid shirt) join the action.

Well, the garden is the most appropriate spot for the daisy chain so seg 4 delivers three mini chains including the likes of Tommy, Robby, Rod and Mike. A couple other notable moments come when Robby slides into ecstasy with a cute smile and eyes rolling to the back of his head while getting pounded by Franco and then Lutz and — an unusually strong power fuck as Mike S. sits on Gery.

The piece de resistance begins as segment 5 opens with couplings led by Franco, Alex, Thomas L., Gery, Lutz, Denis and two other guys topping on stage while they are back to back with Thomas F., Robert D., dark haired POV cam vet, dark haired ear stud and a couple more topping as well. By my count, we have a total of 28 guys — 8 couples on stage and 6 at their backs on the next level. Now you know what I meant by Guiness Book record breaking.

Well, it’s finally time for this garden party to see the wild oats spread and the seeds sewn. Lots of fun shots — Franco’s shaking as he stands up and Denis letting a newbie take him over the top. As always, I am typing one-handed now and well thanks to another GGC party this garden is about to blossom..

Jamie Tando
GGC’s exclusive
party reviewer

Cock Beach Review

10:43 am by: Guys Go Crazyno comments

Surf’s up and so are the guys but this is NOT another typical day at the beach. We all know that there is nothing hawter than a kewl bunch of rawkin surfer dudes!!! Shweeeeeeet!!! This is the second of GGC’s beach themed parties and was released in January, 2008. This party will be known for the first time Milo takes his clothes off. For two years he’s danced and brilliantly given head to any cock he could find. Shirts off, and occasionally in undies, was as far as he’d go. This time Milo bares his beefy all as he provides a swimming pool performance on Franco Gregorio. Another stand out — Elliott Gass with his amazing physical transformation from gawky at the Glory Hole party to hunky today.
The party begins with a shower dance stripping contest with five VERY different guys in the line up. Most intriguing is the fact that the audience is entertained by two of the homeliest guys you’d ever want to see. You know the term, a face that only a mother could love. Well, I don’t want to say that since Keith Pearson has always pointed out that everybody is beautiful in their own way. I have to say that tiny dicks, rolls of fat and all is not why GGC parties are the success that they are. Having said that, these two dance with the confidence of Denis Reed, Daniel Student and Brad Marcus all rolled up into one. Another guy in the contest has a goatee, a ripped body and has been at many parties. He had been a great addition but never disrobed til the Masquerade Party. He puts on a nice show.
So, as the awards are anticlimactically being handed out Jack Roys is on his knees taking turns blowing Elliott Gass and Mike Gate. One side note — at this point we get a glimpse of a really cute video camera guy on stage.

As seg 2 opens Denis Reed and Jose Fernando begin the second of three contests on stage. It’s a ping pong ball bottom transfer. You guessed it, these guys playfully see how many ping pong balls they can transfer across the stage in their tails. Denis seems to really have lots of fun with his, beach appropriate, bleached blond hair and red lais. Felix LeCroix and the dark haired vet drop their shorts and play the game. Felix takes it seriously and really moves. His ass looks unusually good here. One of my faves is the Luke Mably look-a-like with his back over the pool going at it with Mike Gate.. Carey Lexes proceeds to deliver a header to a cute veteran(popcorn party and more) against the wall.
In another GGC first, pool corner pairing with Franco and Milo(here’s where we see him naked for the first time,) Jack Roys and Thomas Lee and Elliott Gass and the dark haired gawky guy. They are each in three corners of the pool getting drenched in honey.
All of this while the two homely strippers go at it under the shower.
The final beach game is hide the condom clad cucumber featuring Mike Gate, Tommy Rogers and Adam Hanks(just found his name through our reseach efforts) as the very able recipients.

CUTIE ALERT: the blond in the baby blue tank top was first noticed by Keith at the Casino Boyale party.. Once again, he moves around, fully clothed and simply observing, unfortunately.
Back againt the wall Brad Marcus joins Carey Lexes and the blond vet. At this point, Keith can be spotted in the background doning a black tank top and sunglasses on his head. Besides the fun ping pong and cucumber games, oral action, is all we’ve witnessed to this point so, not surprisingly, Franco launches into topping by taking on Mike Gate.

The faux buttfucking by our homelies(they never get hard) is unusual to say the least.
Jack R. has his undivided attention on Thomas Lee through most of the party which was unusual cuz Jack and Brad Marcus are almost always inseparable. Jack and Brad finally hook up, phew!! Denis gets some nice servicing as always. Franco plunders Nicholas Shay on stage with one of his typical fast fucks as Thomas Lee does the same to Tommy R. in the pool while Jose Martinez wearing a white cap performs similarly. Milo services Nicholas against the stage while Tommy R. sits atop Franco for a fast fuck in the pool. Mike Shawn bottoms and all of this with Gery Owan circulating and fucking as he carries his POV cam. How’s that for exciting and exhausting?
Seg four opens with Mike Shawn sucking Mike G. Gery Owan tops against the wall while Jose Fernando creatively sits in a chair and fucks Nicholas doggy style(yeah, a bit creative.) Denis proceeds to make Felix, and the rest of us, happy.

The music cranks up and the heat intensifies so we know that we’re headed to land’s end. The moment arrives. The first to grace us with his cumshot is that cute blond vet of popcorn party fame. Then, straddling a chair, Franco showers Nicholas. Jose Fernando then grabs Adam Hanks head so that he can spray his face.
As Felix is getting typically bukkaked, Elliott G. gives him a wonderful facial. Back against the wall Brad M. delivers a respectable load and Mike Gate, cock always straight up in the air as he prepares to climax does the same. Denis(with a nice audience) follows Elliot’s lead by dumping onto Felix as well. Up against the straw wall Carey and friends unload on our dark haired vet. Jack Roys then goes solo finally getting the attention of the dark haired gawky guy for his shot.
As things start to wind down with the stage filled with naked guys, the Luke Mably look-a-like with back against a GGC pillar delivers a nice load and then we shift to Felix with his dripping face as our finale. A day at the beach to be remembered for sure and nobody got a sunburn. Another wonderful GGC party experience. Stay kewl guys, play safe and have fun. GGC RULES!!
Jamie Tando
GGC exclusive
party reviewer

Introducing… Will Nemeth!

April 15, 2009 4:22 pm by: Guys Go Crazy12 comments!

This cute little blondie first made an appearance at our rock star party a while back. It was his first time doing porn – ever – and he was a bit nervous, but right before filming started, I happened to have caught his eye, winked at him, and told him he looked great. His eyes brightened up, and boy, was he ever willing to go! Filming started about two minutes later, and Will jumped right in like a pro — within minutes, he had Franco Gregorio’s massive sword in his mouth and was obviously quite happy about it.

Will is back in our current auction orgy, which you can check out on the main site. And this time, he even tops!

Will is from Prague originally, and on the weekends, it’s not hard to find him hanging out with is friends in one of the city’s gay discos (or darkrooms, for that matter!) He’s a total sweetheart, totally gay and open about it, and obviously very good at what he does. Hopefully we’ll have him back at GGC in the near future!






Jamie Sez: Frathouse Fuckers

April 8, 2009 11:12 pm by: Guys Go Crazy4 comments!

The rituals begin as we are greeted by a shaved headed Gery Owan (grow it back, please), massive schlonged Elliott Gass (sporting a cool new preppie Polo shirt) and Milo flexing (he’s buffed up) while Thomas Friedl is sandwiched between some cuties. All of this set with candles and the VIP Hip Hop Fuckfest Party (one of my favorite classics) on the big screen over looking the frat initiation signals nothing but fun ahead.

The champagne flows as the ceremony proceeds with the candles stirring drinks and being sensuously licked. Lots of kewl tests for the freshmen are ahead.

The action starts with Milo digging into Elliot’s jeans next to Robby Singleton.

The six-guy line-up on each couch and Gery going at it with the candles really warms things up. Wax dripping on Nicholas’ tail brings an enthusiastic yelp from him and lots of laughter from everybody else. Our first cock sighting couldn’t be a better one. It’s Elliott’s super thick member that, like every cock, gets Milo’s undivided attention. (I’ve always observed that guys can really blossom into beauties between the ages of 18 and 21. Check out Elliott’s gawky body and dancing at the Glory Holes party and LOOK AT HIM NOW!!!)
As the candles move around the party, Thomas Friedl gets on stage and bumps and grinds briefly as a prelude to obliterating his jeans with a bowie knife as everybody (including the VIP Party boys from the screen) looks on. Sucking candles becomes de rigueur as a precursor to sucking the real thing. BTW, a lot of drama goes into the sexy shredding of Thomas’ jeans. It’s amazing when he slashes out that rear!!!!

That last cut seems to get everybody on the couch going with an unusually high number of hand jobs followed by oral action up and down the line.

Seg 2 has the party growing with Nicholas Shay, Jose Fernando, Denis Reed, and Daniel Student (in a perfectly form fitting sleeveless jersey.) Veterans Chris Cooley (not to be confused with Chris Cool), Mike Gate (the pretzel), and Thomas Lee (a fave of mine since I won his underwear from sk8r sleepover party) all add to the fun. Tommy Rogers gets lots of playful butt slapping. Alex Grant is on the sidelines with Thomas Lee but we know that they won’t stay there for long. The gorgeous brown curly haired unshaven guy (who later delivers my favorite performance of the whole party – stay tuned) begins delivering some great head as Chris Cooley takes Denis’ nice curve between his lips. This really is a ritualistic party as Jose Fernando has his nose and ears picked, albeit playfully.

For the initiation, candle dildos seem to be a real fave and the party has some cool spanking which is kinda rare and a very welcome new addition. FASHION ALERT: Notice Denis Reed’s new Calvin Klein orange and black striped underwear. I know that Denis likes orange. (He’s worn his baggy orange trunks at three parties. If you’re nice I’ll tell you which ones.)
Guys start to get completely naked preceded by some foreskin (Jose’s) pulling through the jeans. More nose picking (Mike Gate) before Thomas Friedl’s slashed up jeans, still on him, are used as a paddle. Thomas Lee has a big E that looks like it could be a Euromaxxx logo on his sporty striped sleeveless rugby shirt. (check it out)

The fucking finally starts with our hairy assed friend (sk8r sleepover, GuysGoNavy and other parties) doing the honor.
Seg three begins with what is obviously the fraternity’s oldest member, Chris Cooley, fucking away. Chris looks like he’s put on a few lbs (kilos for you Europeans.)

Daniel proceeds with his nice fast hard fucking and Alex Grant has a good mounting. Milo’s hard dick looks unusually good at this party.

Thomas Friedl finally takes it from Gery through those cut out jeans. It was well worth the wait.

My party fave (the curly haired unshaven guy) takes it beautifully up the caboose bent over doggy style.

A nice touch with long hair (on top) blondie getting fucked with his necklace flailing all over.

Our first cumshot of the party is spectacular, if for no other reason, because you can see the PRESS shirt guy with his cam coming up to film it before the load is dropped (it’s a must see.) Daniel admiringly looks on, through the legs, as it happens.

Very exciting to see my curly haired fave take it up the butt from Daniel S. Thomas Friedl’s up against the wall double hand jobs is a nice look just before the bukkake begins with Thomas Lee opening the first blast. Lots of cool bukkake (sure wish Denis would hold back for 48 or, at least 24 hours so that he could drop bigger loads. Believe me Denis I know how hard it can be — It’s two to ten times a day for me.) Another fun thing to notice is that the cumshots are nicely coordinated with the VIP fuckfest cumshots on the screen. Ok, my favorite cumshot arrives from my unshaven curly haired cutie (with Jose Fernando looking over his shoulder) as he tells the cam guy he’s ready to cum — OMG. It’s followed by another eye opening gusher from Daniel smothering the bukkake recipient (whose name I don’t know). Well, everybody and I mean every BODY gets a well-deserved initiation at this fraternity. Another load of insight from your exclusive GGC reviewer, Jamie. Gotta go back to join curly. Let us know what you think in the comments section. BTW, all but two names can be found with their bios and interviews by inputting them at the search to the right. Be safe and keep having fun guys cuz GGC RULES!!



Jamie Sez: the Construction Worker Party

March 27, 2009 3:28 pm by: Guys Go Crazy15 comments!

The moment I spotted those hard hat wearing guys I thought of two classic GGC parties — Tool Time and Blue Collar/ White Collar. (One of my great memories was spotting Brad Marcus bend over in those blue sweat pants at the beginning of Tool Time.)


As the fun begins, the POV camera carrying guy(whom I first spotted at the Cowboy Brawl)has a raging hard on through his pants. Lots of color and great lighting as these guys embark on faux construction is fun to watch. The cement mixer with the colorful balls is a nice touch. Action begins, appropriatlely on a pile of hanging pipes with that adorable blond (long hair on top only) guy getting a nice header from the vet with the tatts on his back. Things really heat up when Lutz Benesz’s massive schlong gets Robby’s well-deserved attention. They are a dynamic duo, for sure. Robby’s schlong could be a twin to Lutz’s.


The hats and other gear make great props. Rawkin’ tatt covered Rod Wethers gets the attention of a couple of hotties. Then massive oral action all the way around until Lutz takes the plunge into Robby and it’s non-stop throbbing. Those two set a model example for everybody to follow. The contrast with all of the colorful outfits with the tanned skin and the good bright lighting is very inviting. Lots of cute new talent so I’m sorry that I don’t have names. We’ll get some pics and interviews up soon.(Hint Hint Travis.)


Robert Driveman doesn’t disappoint as he powerfully(what else) interracts with Lutz and Robby. It’s very cute to see Robby laugh as he struggles to cope with daunting and overwhelming Robert D. SPECIAL ALERT — the dark haired newbie laborer with the spider tatt on his lower tummy, the necklace and the two ear studs has got to cum back for more. A star is born. He looks like a cross between Carey Lexes and Alex Grant.

Seg 3 leads with Robby taking a great pounding from power bottom(yes, I said bottom but he’s obviously versatile) blondie veteran.

The party then doubles in size as Denis Reed, Thomas Friedl, Alex Grant, Tommy Rogers and friends arrive on the job site. Robby, while getting enthusiastically plundered by blondie gleefully welcomes Thomas Friedl’s massive schlong down his throat.


Denis stands out(well, he always does in every way) in his periwinkle blue pants contrasting with his nice tan and white tank top. BTW, how can Thomas F. be straight with all of the fun he has?? WOW, as my new ear studded crush now bottoms it’s hard to maintain my composure. Well, I have a job to do here for Travis. My God — wearing safety glasses and a hard hat Thomas Friedl has his way with ear stud and then Denis takes over with Thomas playfully feigning a drill going up Denis’ tail. He natually rebuffs it since we know that Denis is, sadly, trying to keep his bottoming days in the past.

Thomas Friedl and Denis Reed then top two relative newbies as those guys kiss which is always fun to see.
A nice little brief three way daisy chain with Thomas F bringing up the rear follows Lutz getting a nice facial. (One complaint is that here and too often we don’t see who is unloading. A cam should always focus on the faces of guys cumming.)

Music could be better and some of the new guys are easier on the eyes than others(you know my fave) but they are ALL great performers. Now it’s time for me to do what any fun loving GGC family member does at this point. Got to follow our guys example. This construction site erected great structures. Now it’s time to blow ‘em up. You know what they say: this is a tough job but somebody’s got to do it. GGC RULES!!!



March 19, 2009 3:21 pm by: Guys Go Crazy6 comments!

Those of you who have been members and readers of this blog are already familiar with Jamie, who has been one of our most enthusiastic and vocal supporters. Out of a conviction that we should use this blog partly as a forum for highlighting ALL of the great GGC parties of the past (rather than merely focusing on the most recent updates to the site), Jamie has offered to write reviews of each of our past parties. This feature will appear every Thursday here on the GGC blog. We hope that you guys will respond in the comments section and encourage your friends to join the family and participate in the amazing GuysGoCrazy experience. For the first installment, Jamie has taken on the daunting task of reviewing the Guys Go Navy party.

Here goes:
This voyage gives new meaning to the traditional “White Party.” GuysgoNavy will be known for the first major daisy chain. (more on that later). From the captain(hunky Thomas Friedl) to the new recruits, everybody is decked out in white — pants that is. Uniforms are always exciting and I would call this relaxed uniforms since those navy and white striped shirts look so fashionable. There is always an exception or two. Most notable is Denis Reed filling out a baby blue tank top that could only be done better by Brad
Marcus (where’s he been??) Sweeping the floor has never been so much fun as these guys tackle the deck with abandon. Inspection leads to one recruit dropping to his knees and there’s NO turning back. Well, it’s all hands on deck. As Denis and Daniel Student take turns at the helm of the ship, Captain Friedl shouts out orders and the oral action is underway as he, Denis, Ricci Silverado(I think), Franco Gregorio and Alex Grant are at full mast with Tommy Rogers giving another of his trademark performances from the floor (in this case deck). When Tommy is back on his feet he bends over as Denis and Daniel give his butt its due attention. It looks tanner than usual and stands out because it’s framed by the stunning white pants and striped shirt. Denis doesn’t usually get into RIMMING but he fantastically grinds his face into Tommy’s ass. It takes a long time to write this due to obvious libido driven interruptions. (Sorry if it clouds my writing skills.) Speaking of rimming, Tommy pays unusual attention to Franco’s massive tail. Soon the precursor to the history making DAISY CHAIN begins. Daniel is there briefly(sure wish he’d stay and bottom) but it grows later so stay tuned. Urgently, the binoculars spot the guy cluttered desert island. You guessed it — Jose Fernando, Lutz Benesz, Chris Cool, Nicholas Shay, Robby Singleton and a gaggle of other loinclothed struggling dudes. Lots of fun action with Lutz doing a nice topping job. Well, it finally happens in segment four. After Captain Friedl’s crew retrieves the shipwrecked boys, the AMAZING daisy chain begins.
With wonderful music, reminiscent of a 1980′s William Higgins soundtrack, the captain leads the way with, dah, Franco pounding out the rear. The spectacular sandwich includes the likes of Nicholas Shay in the middle and three other vets, no newbies, whose names I don’t know but wish I did. (dark haired guy filled out at most parties, first spotted at Cowboy Brawl – hairy assed guy who was in black tank top at the sk8r sleepover and the adorable blond who bottoms for Franco with the beautiful look on his face at the
Casino Boyale party). Anyway, those six make this a particularly memorable party. Now, I am gonna do what you’re supposed to do at a GGC party — let all of our long sought after eruptions begin. You have to be at the party to know how it ends. Gotta say that music was better at this party than it’s been in a long long time. All in all great hard-on material leading to massive load dropping. It’s what GGC is all about and it’s why GGC RULES!!!
This party can be purchased on DVD; the film version is known as “Shipwrecked Sluts.”

BiMaxx tip-off

March 10, 2009 3:42 pm by: Guys Go Crazy10 comments!

Hey guys,

While you’re waiting for today’s exciting GGC update to go live, why don’t you check out the latest BiMaxx update, featuring two of our favorite GGC models, Robby Singleton and Denis Reed.

This isn’t the first time these two dudes have appeared together in a BiMaxx episode…Something tells me they enjoy working together very much!


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